The Struggles of Wanting to be a Morning Person (and failing)

Nearly once every month I will find inspiration somewhere that will motivate me to try and become a morning person, an early riser, early bird gets the worm kinda gal.  Whatever you call it, I CANNOT DO IT!!  My inspiration usually comes from those SWEET snapchat stories, or watching Zoella vlogs where she is awake at 7am.  It makes me feel guilty that I don’t get out of bed till 10 on my days off, and I think of all the things I could have accomplished if I had just forced my butt out of bed when the sun was rising.

There seems to be something so rewarding about being awake before the rest of the city.  A sense of calmness and serenity floats through the early morning air and I can ease into my day rather than rushing to get ready.  But let’s be real, that rarely happens.  Like, ever.  Every night I find myself staying up later than necessary, setting myself up to fail when that alarm blares the next morning, making it WAY too easy to turn it off rather than getting up.  3 hours later and you’ll find me only just climbing out of bed, 2 more hours and I will be looking socially acceptable and actually ready to face the world.  WHAT A WASTE OF THE DAY!!

I have often found myself googling tips for being a morning person, they give you some pretty straightforward ideas like

  • Allow yourself to go to sleep earlier
  • Put your alarm clock far from your bed
  • Leave your bedroom as soon as you wake up

and sure that sounds easy enough but everyone knows how difficult it is to get out of bed mid-slumber.  Near impossible.  It really just is a never ending cycle of failure.

As I plan to hit the second half of this year as a more productive, motivated version of my current self, here is to hoping that maybe I can crack the secret to being an early riser.  Wish me luck…



One thought on “The Struggles of Wanting to be a Morning Person (and failing)

  1. I can relate!!! Never have figured it out, but Self-employment really helps :)) It took me years to just accept that some of us — including ME — will NEVER be morning people!!! On a 24-hour watch, The Good Lord must have created you and me to do the swing/night shifts :)) Remember to love and accept yourself :)) Dawn


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