Bullet Journaling – as told by an amateur

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon enough (how about now?).  It is quite simple really, all it is, is a new and exciting way to journal and plan your life created by digital product designer, Ryder Carrol.  Originally it was all about bulleting notes, plans and dates in a funky lil journal with pages filled with dots instead of lines.  But now? Well it has created a whole new world.  If you were to Youtube search “Bullet Journaling”, I think you would find yourself quite blown away.  Some peoples artistic talent simply AMAZE me, and it is just so, SO aesthetically pleasing the designs people are capable of and so inspiring. It always rough when you can never get your own bullet journal to look as fabulous as others though, trust me. So emosh.


I only began this whole bullet journal journey about a month ago but I am LOVING IT!  I find it a great place to put my small amount of creativity, and the beauty of it is there are no rules.  You do whatever you want to in it.  Simple and elegant or messy and exciting, whatever your style, this is the best place for it.


The truth is you don’t need a fancy journal with dots in it to express your creativity (although it is pretty cool), just any old journal will do.  Grab an old one from the back of your wardrobe and let loose on it.  Write a list of all the cafes you want to visit, a reminder to pick up your dry cleaning, cut and paste pictures of the gorgeous Harry Styles (or your own celebrity love), DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.  And enjoy it.  The idea of this journal is to make your life easier, but really, it is there for whatever you want to do. So go crazy.


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