My Favourite Foundations



This foundation is gorgeous.  There is no other way to put it.  I had put off trying this foundation for the longest time mainly just because of the price but I couldn’t be happier with this.  It is so so LUSH, it applies super smoothly and easily, I would even go so far to say this is the nicest foundation to apply that I have used to date. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone who feels like experimenting with something a little more high end, because every dollar is worth it!



This Kat Von D foundation is a lot thicker in consistency and coverage than the Nars Sheer Glow, but truly fabulous.  Although it does not apply quite as smoothly, I would put this to the thicker consistency, it is great for when you are having a terrible skin day.  The coverage is truly A-MAZ-ING, only one pump on the back of your hand is all it takes to get a proper coverage, and covers those pesky pimples so well.  Not as pricey as the Nars Foundation, the Lock It Foundation is 100% a great add to your make up collection.

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